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Dominion's approach to asset protection is distinct. To many, finding us is a “light-bulb moment”.

This is unsurprising. Our industry is plagued with snake-oil salesmen and cons. Most companies you speak with haven’t a clue what they speak of, and often you are speaking to a reseller, or a reseller of a reseller. Getting anything done correctly, muchless being able to trust you’re not being taken advantage of, is nigh impossible.

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We are fanatically loyal

to our clients

No need to take our word for it: we encourage you to contact others that claim to provide our services, and compare us. Unlike many others in this industry, we are categorically neutral about evolving circumstances. We take no ethical stance nor moral position as to the particulars. Safekeeping our clients’ wealth is our sole purpose, not the interests, policies, ethics, morals, or values of a permanent set of jurisdictions or its peoples. As proper asset protection is intended to last for your lifetime and beyond, and the world is ever-changing, we regard pure objectivity as the only responsible approach.

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Our fully integrated international structure gives you on-demand access to attorneys that are intimately familiar with major markets and all significant asset protection jurisdictions. Our attorneys are citizens that live in these countries and know the ins-and-outs, often times knowing their politicians on a first-name basis, and having had a hand in the creation of local laws. Our subsidiary entities in these locations are tier 1 licensees direct with their governments, not simply resellers or affiliates like so many others.

Because we are not jurisdictionally limited, we are not bound by any particular legal system, giving us a nearly unlimited amount of tools

Tools we use aggressively to safeguard our clients’ wealth. For example, many countries don’t recognize trusts at all, or don’t recognize certain asset protection jurisdictions. Many banks won’t accept trusts from certain jurisdictions, or won’t work with trusts that have beneficiaries of certain countries. Because of our international reach, we are never short of solutions.


Furthermore, we are always watchful, and always adapting. We are consistently on the lookout to build new operations in friendly locations, and equally ready to immediately freeze locations that have become unfriendly. Asset protection cannot fail a single time, and much of our time and effort is put into observing local and international law to ensure we’re forever 2 steps ahead of inevitable change. We are humble in our approach, as any prudent fiduciary must be. Complacency is not acceptable as a service provider of wealth protection.

Asset protection

is what we’ve become known for, and is certainly our premiere service

After clients have dealt with us to guard their wealth, over time many demand that we handle much more, and we serve; we manage billions in investments, have saved clients billions in taxes, have helped with over 20 billion in mergers and acquisitions, and have deep networks in the financial spaces of most major markets, and all asset protection jurisdictions. These additional services are largely the experience of our founders prior to Dominion. The foundation of the company is built off of decades of unmatched financial expertise which we regard as essential to delivering something beyond asset protection, what we’ve come to call wealth governance.


Lastly, we have the ability to leverage systems and expertise only used in special operations and intelligence communities. Among these are the ability to collect, direct, exploit, and analyze information as a means of gaining superiority for our clientele.

Many of our members have been involved in multiple US and international government agencies and departments

From specialization in electronic warfare, VIP security, infrastructure vulnerability assessment, surveillance, and much more. Our team brings real-world experience in fields that are simply inaccessible to civilians.

Dominion sets the standard for UHNWIs, or soon-to-be, to govern their wealth for millennia.

Evan Thomsen
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