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Jurisdictions of Dominion



Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean, is a strategic jurisdiction where Dominion excels in offering cutting-edge asset protection and trust solutions. With a stable political environment and strong financial services legislation, Seychelles provides an ideal backdrop for safeguarding and growing wealth, facilitating Dominion's exceptional services.

Tax-Friendly Environment

Seychelles is known for its zero-tax regime on international business companies (IBCs), ensuring efficient wealth preservation and growth for Dominion's clients.

Confidentiality Assured

The jurisdiction places a strong emphasis on preserving client confidentiality, providing a discreet and secure environment for asset protection.

International Business Companies Act (IBCA)

Governed by the IBCA, Seychelles offers Dominion the ability to establish IBCs, enabling clients to safeguard assets while benefiting from favorable tax structures.

Strong Regulatory Oversight

Seychelles' regulatory framework ensures that asset protection and trust services adhere to high standards, providing clients with confidence in the safety of their wealth.

Historical Stability

Seychelles has maintained political stability over the years, bolstering its reputation as a reliable jurisdiction for asset protection services, which Dominion leverages for the benefit of its clients.

Seychelles emerged as a leading offshore financial center in the late 20th century, introducing progressive legislation to attract international businesses. It consistently adapts its legal and regulatory environment to global standards, ensuring competitiveness. With a stable political climate and commitment to client confidentiality, Seychelles is a trusted destination for asset protection. Its track record as a reliable jurisdiction reflects a dedication to top-tier financial services and safeguarding clients' wealth.



Labuan, a federal territory of Malaysia, is strategically located in Southeast Asia and holds autonomous status. As an offshore financial center, it offers a stable, well-regulated environment for asset protection. With a robust legal framework and tax incentives, Labuan is a preferred choice for safeguarding wealth.


Labuan is known for its zero-tax regime on international business companies (IBCs), ensuring efficient wealth preservation and growth for Dominion's clients.

Tax Benefits

The jurisdiction places a strong emphasis on preserving client confidentiality, providing a discreet and secure environment for asset protection.

Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act (LFSSA)

Labuan offers Dominion the ability to establish IBCs, enabling clients to safeguard assets while benefiting from favorable tax structures.

Labuan Business Activity Tax Act (LBATA)

Labuan's regulatory framework ensures that asset protection and trust services adhere to high standards, providing clients with confidence in the safety of their wealth.

Strategic Geopolitical Position

Labuan has maintained political stability over the years, bolstering its reputation as a reliable jurisdiction for asset protection services, which Dominion leverages for the benefit of its clients.

In the 1990s, Labuan became an international business hub, designated as an offshore financial center by the Malaysian government. Over the years, it evolved its regulatory framework to align with global trends. Labuan's reputation as a reliable jurisdiction for asset protection and wealth management attracts businesses and individuals. Its enduring history underscores a commitment to secure and internationally recognized financial services.


Malaysia stands as a pivotal jurisdiction for Dominion, driven by its robust legal framework and enduring economic stability. With a mature financial infrastructure and a steadfast dedication to client privacy, Malaysia harmonizes seamlessly with Dominion's core objectives.

Economic Growth

Malaysia boasts a rapidly growing economy, providing ample investment opportunities and wealth accumulation prospects for Dominion's clients.

Legal Framework

The nation offers an attractive legal environment for trusts and asset protection, with a clear and well-regulated system that prioritizes client security.

Trust Act 1949

Malaysia's Trust Act ensures a reliable legal foundation for trusts, providing both asset security and ease of administration for Dominion's clients.

Banking Secrecy Laws

Malaysia's strong banking secrecy laws safeguard client information, reinforcing the confidentiality and security aspects of asset protection strategies.

Political Stability

Malaysia has a strong track record of political stability, with a democratic system that ensures a peaceful and secure environment for businesses and individuals. This stability contributes to the safety and continuity of assets, offering peace of mind to clients while supporting Dominion's commitment to safeguarding their wealth.

Malaysia has actively embraced its role as a regional financial center, attracting global investors and trust providers. Its history reflects a commitment to fostering a conducive environment for asset protection, making it a desirable destination for Dominion's operations.


Singapore stands as a prime jurisdiction for Dominion, backed by its formidable legal framework and unwavering financial stability. Dominion thrives in this environment due to Singapore's reputation for excellence in asset protection. Moreover, Singapore's strict adherence to international laws and its robust regulatory authorities provide a secure foundation for Dominion's services.

Global Financial Hub

Singapore ranks as one of the world's leading financial centers, ensuring a well-regulated and sophisticated financial ecosystem.

Political and Economic Stability

Its long-standing political stability and strong economic performance make it a safe haven for asset protection.

Legal Framework

Singapore's legal system is highly regarded, with well-established statutes governing trusts and asset protection.


Stringent privacy laws protect client information, aligning with Dominion's commitment to client confidentiality.

Malaysia has actively embraced its role as a regional financial center, attracting global investors and trust providers. Its history reflects a commitment to fostering a conducive environment for asset protection, making it a desirable destination for Dominion's operations.

Australia and Oceania


Australia is a top choice for serial entrepreneurs seeking opportunities, offering a stable legal environment and advanced financial infrastructure that aligns with Dominion's expertise.

Political Stability

Australia's stable political environment ensures consistent legal frameworks, offering long-term security for asset protection strategies.

Strong Economy

The nation's strong and resilient economy contributes to the overall financial stability that supports effective asset protection solutions.

Stringent Privacy Laws

Australia has strict privacy laws that safeguard individuals' confidential financial information, ensuring discretion and security for Dominion's clients.

Asset Protection Trusts

Australian laws allow for the establishment of asset protection trusts, providing a legally recognized vehicle for safeguarding assets.

Robust Legal System

Australia's robust legal system provides strong protections for trusts and asset protection structures, reinforcing Dominion's confidence in providing services within the jurisdiction.

Australia's history in trust and asset protection, based on English common law, has expanded to include various trusts. With oversight from agencies like the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the country emphasizes compliance and transparency. This reflects Australia's commitment to diverse asset protection options within a stable legal and regulatory environment.

Cook Islands

For an offshore asset protection trust that takes immediate effect, isn't subject to foreign court orders, and offers political stability, consider a Dominion-style Asset Protection Trust in the Cook Islands. This trust not only provides these benefits but also allows you to be one of the beneficiaries under legal protection, a reputation Dominion has earned.

Strong Asset Protection Law

The Cook Islands has a strong asset protection case law history, with amendments to its trust act tailored to the proceedings of said case laws

Layered Legal Barriers

Litigations have to go through many layers of law-enforced barriers via the Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust Act.

Settlements and Creditor Claims

International Trust Act: Section 13B provides that the trust is not fraudulent if the settlement occurs before or after the creditor's cause of action, but if it arises within two years, the creditor must file a lawsuit.

Exclusive Legal Jurisdiction

International Trust Act: Section 13K establishes that the High Court of the Cook Islands is the only place where an action or proceeding to annul an international trust settlement, disposition, or relief under Section 13B can be initiated.

Benefits of Estate Planning

Offshore trusts established in the Cook Islands can enjoy the benefits of estate planning and international diversification which are other legitimate reasons for establishing a trust in order to avert predatory creditor claims.

Pioneers of Asset Protection

The Cook Islands were the first nation to combine strong asset protection regulations into trust legislation when they changed the International Trust Act in 1989. This allowed the Settlor to remain the beneficiary while still receiving asset protection. This prompted similar legislation in Belize and Nevis.

Confidentiality and Subpoena Immunity

Trustees disregard legal subpoenas for records in Cook Islands courts due to lack of jurisdiction, providing protection and anonymity to the individuals.

Privacy of Trust Deeds

The Trust Deed is not available in the public records.

Tax Benefits for Non-Residents

Provided that the Settlor or Beneficiaries are not residents of the Cook Islands, there is no income, capital gains, or estate tax.


Isle of Man

Dominion strategically chose the Isle of Man as a key jurisdiction for its asset protection operations due to the island's distinguished history and its current prominence as a global financial hub.

Global Financial Hub

As a well-respected global financial center, the Isle of Man offers a secure environment for asset preservation and wealth management.

Global Recognition

The Isle of Man's international reputation for financial security and stability enhances Dominion's ability to provide top-tier asset protection services to its global clientele.

Political Stability

The Isle of Man's long history of political stability provides a secure environment for asset protection.

Isle of Man Law

Dominion benefits from the Isle of Man's well-defined legal structure, ensuring a strong foundation for its asset protection services.

Innovation Hub

The Isle of Man's commitment to financial innovation and its adaptability to evolving international standards make it an attractive location for Dominion's operations.

The Isle of Man has a decades-long legacy as a financial and asset preservation hub, solidifying its status as a prominent offshore financial center since the mid-20th century. This enduring commitment to robust financial services is reflected in its well-established legal framework, strong privacy commitment, and a track record of financial security. In the present day, the Isle of Man remains a beacon of financial stability and excellence, aligning seamlessly with Dominion's core values and mission.


Liechtenstein, a small yet influential European principality in the Alpine region, plays a key role in Dominion's global strategy. It is chosen for its well-established reputation in asset protection and financial security. Dominion's presence in Liechtenstein reflects the principality's commitment to robust solutions for wealth preservation.

Financial Privacy

Liechtenstein boasts strict privacy laws, ensuring the utmost confidentiality for Dominion's clients.

Stable Economy

The country's well-founded economic stability makes it an ideal location for safeguarding assets.

Asset Protection Trusts

Liechtenstein provides a specialized legal framework for asset protection trusts, enabling Dominion to offer tailored solutions.

Reliable Legal System

Its well-respected legal system is known for its fairness and efficiency.

Financial Center

Liechtenstein's evolution into an international financial center began in the early 20th century. Since then, it has consistently embraced its role as a trusted hub for safeguarding assets, laying the foundation for Dominion's strategic operations in this dynamic financial landscape.


Malta, as a jurisdiction, perfectly complements Dominion's mission due to its robust regulatory framework and strategic location within the European Union. We leverage its favorable legal environment to provide top-tier trust and asset protection services to clients.

EU Membership

Malta's status as an EU member state offers Dominion's clients access to a stable and regulated financial environment within the European Union, providing a gateway to international markets.

Trusts and Foundations

Malta has a well-established legal framework for trusts and foundations, making it an ideal jurisdiction for asset protection and wealth preservation strategies.

Financial Services Authority

Malta's Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is a reputable regulatory body overseeing the financial services industry. Its rigorous oversight ensures compliance with international standards, instilling confidence in Dominion's clients.

Tax Efficiency

Malta offers a beneficial tax regime, including tax exemptions and double taxation agreements, enhancing the tax efficiency of Dominion's asset protection structures.

Strategic Mediterranean Location

Malta's strategic position in the Mediterranean makes it a convenient hub for international business activities and asset protection within Europe and beyond.


Switzerland, known for financial stability and privacy, is a premier jurisdiction for trust and asset protection. Dominion's strategic presence here reflects its commitment to effectively safeguarding clients' wealth. With a stable political landscape and a legacy of financial expertise, Switzerland offers an ideal backdrop for Dominion's mission in asset protection.

Strict Financial Privacy

Swiss banking laws are legendary for their strict privacy provisions. They offer a high level of confidentiality and discretion for individuals and businesses, reinforcing the protection of clients' assets.

Robust Banking System

Switzerland boasts one of the world's most stable and secure banking systems. Its banks are known for their reliability, financial expertise, and comprehensive services, ensuring the safe management of assets.

Legal Framework for Trusts

Switzerland has a well-defined legal framework for trusts, providing clarity and security for asset protection strategies. This legal structure enables Dominion to establish and manage trusts effectively on behalf of its clients.

Stringent Regulatory Oversight:

Swiss financial regulators maintain strict oversight over financial institutions, ensuring the integrity of the banking and asset protection industry. Dominion benefits from these regulations, as they foster a trustworthy environment for its operations.

Switzerland's reputation as a global financial hub dates back centuries. Its neutrality in international conflicts has contributed to its status as a safe haven for wealth. Over the years, this history of stability has made Switzerland a preferred destination for asset protection and financial services, aligning perfectly with Dominion's mission to secure its clients' wealth effectively.


British Virgin Islands

In the British Virgin Islands, a trust prioritizes privacy, tax efficiency, and a robust legal framework, guided by British Common Law. With a wealth of experienced professionals and a focus on investment conservation, it stands out as a global leader in offshore asset protection trusts.

Tax Optimization

The BVI is an appealing choice for individuals and families seeking tax optimization because of its favorable tax conditions, which include the absence of financial gains, inheritance, or estate taxes.

Flexible Trust Terms

The British Virgin Islands offers significant flexibility in trust terms and structures, allowing settlors to create offshore trusts that commemorate their specific events and desires.

Beneficiary Exemptions

According to section 90 of the Trustee Act of the British Virgin Islands, beneficiaries outside the territory are exempt from estate, inheritance, succession, gift, rate, duty, levy, and other fees, and trust income is exempt from income tax.

Exemption from Registration

Section 91 of the Trustee Act, titled “Exemption from Registration”, states that the Registration and Records Act does not apply to deeds creating trusts, appointment deeds, and other deeds executed by trustees, settlors, beneficiaries, or protectors.

Advantages in Wealth Management

BVI trusts offer prudent monetary preparation and asset administration, providing asset protection, confidentiality, tax efficiency, and professional expertise, making them timeless tools for securing and preserving wealth.

Privacy of the Ownership

A BVI trust only requires one director and one shareholder which can be the same person. With that said, information about directors, shareholders, and beneficial owners are not available as public information, thus safeguarding your privacy even further.

Cayman Islands

Dominion strategically operates within the Cayman Islands due to its exceptional standing as a jurisdiction for asset protection and wealth preservation.

Pinnacle of Asset Protection

The Cayman Islands, renowned for their political stability and robust legal framework, offer the pinnacle of asset protection. Its zero-tax environment, along with stringent privacy laws, fosters an ideal atmosphere for safeguarding and growing wealth.

Global Financial Center

As a global financial center, the Cayman Islands have consistently attracted international businesses and investors seeking a secure and tax-efficient environment. This thriving ecosystem enhances Dominion's ability to cater to a diverse clientele.

Cayman Islands Trusts Law (2020 Revision)

This law modernized the jurisdiction's trust legislation, making it more flexible and efficient. It introduced the concept of STAR (Special Trusts Alternative Regime) trusts, which are ideal for asset protection. Under this law, settlors can establish trusts with a clear segregation of assets, reducing the risk of these assets being seized by creditors.

Foreign Judgments Reciprocal Enforcement Law

This law provides a framework for the reciprocal enforcement of judgments from other jurisdictions. It ensures that judgments made in Cayman courts are recognized and enforceable abroad, adding to the appeal of Cayman Islands trusts for international asset protection.

High-Impact Location

The Cayman Islands is globally recognized for its role in asset protection, drawing clients from around the world who seek stability and confidentiality for their assets.

Renowned for their political stability and robust legal framework, the Cayman Islands have a rich history as a global financial hub, dating back to the mid-20th century.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Nevis trust's legal provisions safeguard holdings, keeping them protected and concealed from exploitative creditors. Dominion optimizes this standard by partnering with knowledgeable professionals in the jurisdiction. For complete foreignness of your trust, Nevis has a long-standing record of keeping assets virtually out of reach from opportunistic plaintiffs. Dominion can help you build one in Nevis tailored to your needs and beneficiaries.

Perpetual Trust Duration

Unlike most countries which limit the number of years a trust can last, Nevis allows trusts to last indefinitely as the rule against perpetuities does not apply.

Flexibility in Trust Consolidation and Division

The Ordinance allows trustees to consolidate or divide trusts given that it does not affect beneficiary rights or compromise the intent of the trust, as requested by the settlor or beneficiary.

Tax and Duty Exemptions

This Ordinance grants trusts registered under it exemptions from income tax, estate, inheritance, succession, gift tax, stamp duty, transactions by trustees, and exchange controls, regardless of any enactment provisions as stated in the Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance: Section 48.

Trust Validity Assurance

Section 29 of the Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance prohibits void, voidable, or defective international trusts, ensuring settlors' ability is unquestioned due to foreign laws or rights avoidance.

Trustee Protection

Nevis trust laws now permit trustees to disregard settlors' requests under duress, providing greater legal defense and protecting trustees from creditor activities, with an anti-injunction clause.

Challenges for Creditors

Your creditor must hire a Nevis attorney only if they want to push through with litigations. As most top-rated Nevis attorneys represent trust companies and financial institutions, this will prove very challenging for your creditors.

Comprehensive Tax Immunity

All trusts registered in Nevis are immune from all income taxes, stamp duties, exchange restrictions, and any estate, inheritance, succession, and gift taxes that may be due on the trust property due to a death.



Delaware, on the U.S. East Coast, is a prime choice for wealth protection. Renowned for its business-friendly environment, tax benefits, and robust legal framework, it stands as a premier jurisdiction for Dominion's top-tier trust and asset protection services.

Business-Friendly Environment

Delaware's business-friendly legal framework, particularly its specialized Chancery Court for efficient dispute resolution in business matters, makes it an ideal operating environment for Dominion's trust and asset protection services.

Tax Benefits

Delaware's favorable tax conditions, including no state sales tax, inheritance tax, and state income tax for trusts, make it an appealing choice for individuals and corporations seeking to optimize their financial affairs.

Delaware Trust Act

The state's Trust Act is comprehensive and favorable for asset protection. It allows for dynasty trusts, perpetual trusts, and various trust planning options, offering a high level of flexibility.

Strong Legal Precedents

Delaware has a well-established body of trust law and an efficient court system with a history of respecting the sanctity of trusts. This predictability and stability are valuable for clients seeking reliable asset protection solutions.

Statutory Trusts

Delaware permits the establishment of statutory trusts, which can be used for asset protection and estate planning. These trusts offer flexibility and allow settlors to customize terms to suit their specific needs.

Directed Trusts

The state allows for directed trusts, wherein different parties control various aspects of the trust. This flexibility enables clients to appoint knowledgeable trustees while retaining control over investments or other crucial decisions.

Delaware's proactive history in shaping a business-friendly legal environment, including the establishment of the Court of Chancery in the 18th century, has built trust and confidence. This ongoing legacy of innovation and adaptability solidifies Delaware as a preferred choice for trust and asset protection services.


Wyoming, located within the United States, serves as a jurisdiction that aligns seamlessly with Dominion's commitment to trust and asset protection services. Dominion's presence in Wyoming capitalizes on its robust legal framework and business-friendly environment, ensuring efficient wealth preservation for clients.

Strong Privacy Protection

Wyoming boasts robust privacy laws that shield the identities of trust beneficiaries and protect sensitive financial information. This commitment to confidentiality aligns with Dominion's core values of ensuring clients' financial security.

Charging Order Protection

Wyoming offers stringent protection against charging orders, safeguarding assets within limited liability companies (LLCs). This provision enhances asset protection for Dominion's clients, minimizing the risk of creditors seizing assets.

No State Income Tax

Wyoming's lack of state income tax translates into increased income preservation and growth potential for Dominion's clients.

Strict Charging Order Protections

Wyoming's laws provide a high level of protection for LLC assets, making it challenging for creditors to access trust assets held within an LLC structure.

Wyoming's history as a trailblazer in corporate laws and asset protection provisions dates back to the late 19th century. Its commitment to fostering business-friendly conditions and preserving individuals' financial security has made it an attractive destination for asset protection services, perfectly aligning with Dominion's mission.

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