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Your wealth is at risk

You’ve seen all your competitors get sued by the government and are wondering when you’re next, right?

Works & Lentz, Inc.; Works & Lentz of Tulsa, Inc., and Harry A. Lentz, Jr.

Sued for deceptive practices


Relief to victims & penalties penalty

National Credit Adjusters, LLC and Bradley Hochstein

Sued for violating the FDCPA & CFPA

$3.5 million

Civil money penalty penalty

FCO Holding, Inc., Fair Collections & Outsourcing, Inc., Fair Collections & Outsourcing of New England, Inc., FCO Worldwide, Inc., and Michael E. Sobota

Sued for violating the FCRA & FDCPA


Civil money penalty penalty

Bluestreet Asset Partners, Inc.; Christopher L. Di Re; Scott A. Croce; Brian J. Koziel; Marc D. Gracie; and Susan A. Croce

Sued for violating the FDCPA & CFPA

$5 million

Civil money penalty penalty

BounceBack, Inc. and Gale Krieg

Sued for violating the FDCPA

$1.43 million

Redress & civil money penalty penalty

Yorba Capital Management, LLC and Daniel Portilla, Jr.

Sued for violating FDCPA + deceptive practices


Redress penalty

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